Moisturizing lip color available in pearl or cream base, offering lip protection with brilliant color.

Offers a wide variety of different colors. Available in pearl and cream. Pearl shades add shine and luster that adds volume to the lips, while crème shades add a moisturing feeling that makes the lips feel supple. Formulated to moisturize and protect lips from environmental factors (wind, dirt, pollution). Paraben free, talc free, and lanolin free. Available in black and silver case.


Application: After applying LIP LINER, glide the tear drop shape lipstick tip starting from the center upper lip going to the side. Repeat it on the other side. Glide it across the lower lip. Apply with a lip brush for a longer lasting coverage. Reapply mid-day or after eating.



Cinnabar   Simply     Oh So Red     Plum Wine    Shimmering    Chocolate    Raven    Flaming        Red

                  Mauve                                                     Grape              Mousse        Red      Fuchsia     Fantasy


Lipstick 202

Bronze     Glimmer        Barely       Rose Pink     Cranberry       Deep           Rich        Classic    Mandarin

  Foil           Gold             Beige       Jade                                    Raspberry    Mauve       Coral         Red

Golden      Brandy       Ultimately      Creamy      Spicy      Sparkling        Crystal          Red            Icy

Sunset        Rose           Lavender       Mauve        Rum         Wine              Rose        Audacity    Orchid

Lipstick 203 Lipstick 204 Lipstick 206 Lipstick 211 Lipstick 217 Lipstick 218 Lipstick 225 Lipstick 230 Lipstick 232 Lipstick 234 Lipstick 236 lipstick 237 lipstick 243 lipstick 244 lipstick 246 Lipstick 247 Lipstick 248 Lipstick 274 Lipstick 271 Lipstick 270 Lipstick 267 Lipstick 266 Lipstick 260 Lipstick 258 Lipstick 257 Lipstick 249 Lipstick 278 Lipstick 280 Lipstick 281 Lipstick 294 Lipstick 297 Lipstick 2300 Lipstick 2301 Lipstick 2307

Pink           Orange       Satin            Powder    Fire Cracker   Orange         Bing           Topaz     Nob Hill

Pizzazz       Fizz          Shimmer        Mauve            Red            Flare          Cherry                          Red

lipstick 2308 Lipstick 2309 Lipstick 2310 Lipstick 2311 Lipstick 2312 Lipstick 2313 Lipstick 2315 Lipstick 2318 Lipstick 2316 Lipstick 2319 Lipstick 2322 Lipstick 2323 Lipstick 2324 Lipstick 2325 Lipstick 2326 Lipstick 2327 Lipstick 2328 Lipstick 2329 Lipstick 2332 Lipstick 2333 Lipstick 2324 Lipstick 2330 Lipstick 2330 Lipstick 2333 Lipstick 2334 Lipstick 2335 Lipstick 2336 Lipstick 2337 Lipstick 2354

Winterberry   Perfect         Ruby          Orange       Copper      Orange     Tequila        Orange         Shy

                        Plum            Rust            Sobert         Glitz          Sunset      Sunrise        Toffee         Rose

Mist Mauve    Vino        Toffee          Copper         Russet         Crimson   Cinnamon    Barely    Raspberry

                                                             Penny           Brown                              Frost         There       Satin

Delicious     Daring       Tempting        Sinful            Sand          Violet         Crystal    Pebblestone  Frosted

Mauve                                                                       Shimmer    Shimmer   Shimmer                         Brown      

Lipstick 286 Mod black


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