A perfect eye liner that will not smudge and last all day but easily removed with CCMI Make Up

Remover. A gel formulation with specially selected ingredients that can give any eye a bright or seductive look. The product is formulated in a gel form for ease of application but when it dries it gives extraordinary vivid hues of color. You’ll be able to line or paint your eyelids with ease and

have a look that won’t budge or smudge all day. It can be used in combination with other

CCMI products or other gel shades to customize a “look” for any occasion. The gel brush and

a light touch can create an intense dark line or a fine wisp of color. It could also be layered.


Application: Using a brush or finger tip as an applicator, apply over entire lid as a shadow that will

last all day or through the night. Using in combination with our angled brush, fill brush with gel.

Wipe of excess on the inside rim (helps to save the product and improves defnition). Paint along lash line as desired for a smudge free eyeliner.


Black               Eggplant             Bronze           Steel Grey         Brown/Black           Navy                


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