A powder cheek color use to highlight or contour bone structure. Blends easily into the skin, accentuating the bone structure while absorbing excess oils. The light, softer colors can be used lightly over the entire face for bringing out skin tone and the darker intense colors can highlight and give drama to the evening look. This product is available in different pan sizes and packaging options. Paraben free and talc free.


Application: Using a powder brush, shake of excess powder and apply to facial area with short

sweeping motions. Apply light shades on top of cheekbone to be highlighted; apply darker

shades underneath cheekbone to be contoured. Follow with LOOSE or PRESSED POWDER.


Barely Mauve     Apricot Mist      Pink Coral      Harlowe Pink     Dark Rose     Russet     Pink Brown      



Mild Pink            Fuschia              Tulip          Mango Glow     Mauve Rose       Dubonnet    Pumpkin Spice    


  Paprika    Peach Daiquiri   Cabernet Wine   Grenadine      Baked Apple    Mauvewood    Sunkissed  


   Bella              Not Quite           Lotus           Georgia Peach     Sugar Plum    Radiant Orchid  


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